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Mark All Viewed

So i just pressed this by accident now i dont know what ive read or not, whats the point in that?



  • It's for those who come on here and say "I haven't read the thread but here's my view..."
  • To ensure you don't know what you've read.
  • Need to be more careful when I have wet fingers.
  • More importantly, who made MCS a "welcome officer"?
  • Where's that button?
  • It was put in especially for all the know alls on here that are not interested in anyone elses opinions........................and we have quite a few of those. ;-)
  • Where's that button?
    i only get it when i sign in on my phone
  • Is that Mark Albrighton's cousin?
  • Where's that button?
    Its blooy gone now! Grrrrrrrrr
  • don't say we don't act on your moans @MCS :-)
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  • More importantly, who made MCS a "welcome officer"?
    I would imagine one of the admins, a very long time ago as well.
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