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A typical Pards player?

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Following the debates below re Reid etc, who do you think is a typical Pards player? What qualities does he look for?

For me, he seems to prefer the younger ones as he can bring out the best in them.


  • well Ambrose seems to have had a new lease of life....just hope he keeps it up!
  • Fitness, pace, ability to defend as well as attack (hence Dennis being out of the side), workrate.

    Diawara back in the side - pace

    Holland in Faye out - Workrate, fitness.

    Thomas and Ambrose in - fitness, pace (maybe not defensive in Ambrose case)

    Re my post on Reid - I dont doubt his natural ability, he has a sweet left foot but I dont think he would have lived withthe pace of the game on Saturday. He is more a foot on, slow the pace down kind of player with the ability to spot a good pass, we are more all action in your face at the moment.
  • I don't think there is a Pards type player yet, he seems to have got underperforming players to play which is great.. he put a fair bit of faith in Romm before now.
  • Agree with a lot of that, Southend. I'd add controlled aggression - another reason why Dennis is on the bench.
  • Pace, passing ability, team-work, running at players, positive aggression.
  • was denis on the bench satdee? did he make it on???
  • Maybe Thatcher is a typical Pards player, as he's the only one he's brought in
  • Song? Magic?
  • but surely that is about the first game Pards hasn't selected Romm?
  • Well spotted Weegie!

    Shuffles off quietly- Bad day- too much work, not enough C/L
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  • I rest my case M'lud.
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