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I Just met you, this is crazy


  • Third time lucky. Or not.
  • Ultras
  • But here's my number !
  • You can't argue with the marketing strategy.
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    Interesting to know how much of the million hits have been converted into extra ST sales...

  • What the f*** ????????? Apparently that's their cover version of the song, funny I thought they were just miming (poorly)

    Just watched a different clip on you tube, seriously they are bad (as in bad not good!!!!) It's like watching Corporal Jones on parade in Dad's army, there's always one who's one or two steps behind the others ;-)
  • WSS said:

    Interesting to know how much of the million hits have been converted into extra ST sales...

    probably not that many, after the video started to get popular they've realized what a cheesy marketing gimmick it was and put black labels over the last ten seconds of the video so that the number for the season ticket hotline is blanked out.

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    If I saw a woman, no matter how beautiful she was, wearing one of THOSE bikinis I would just have to
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    Sorry I would have to say ..........
  • Can't believe this has just been shown on SSN.
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  • The worst thing about that video, by far, is the song. Considering how munt the 'women' on the video are, the subject matter at hand and the fact it looks like it was filmed on a mobile phone, that's saying something. Does anybody actually listen to shit like that? Anybody?
  • id go through every single one of them. and anybody that wouldnt needs their head and penis testing.
  • With a cattle prod?
  • Interesting.

    I guess the poxy flyers around our manor (and others) didn't work for them last season?

    How can you attract people to cpfc? Somehow i think "Please come and sit in our dilapidated stadium, watch us play boring football and eventually finish mid-table" doing the trick..

  • Do we just hate this because it's Palace? I don't see whats wrong with it & will get people talking about their club. 1.2 million youtube hits doesn't lie
  • The fit one left!

    Boo hiss.
  • Report On sky sports right now. Guess who look like mugs
  • It's so pathetic and fake but I wouldnt kick any of them out of bed for farting.

    Maybe braces. But just maybe.
  • Palace are so utterly pathetic

    Can they not have at least one idea without ripping someone else off ?

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