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Jack Taylor.

Jack passed away yesterday. As a kid in the early 70's he gave me one of my earliest footballing memories in giving THAT penalty against West Germany in the final. One of the best refs there's been imo.


  • Didn't he also disallow a goal for Brazil, because he blew the final whistle as the ball was going into the net?
  • Think that was Clive Thomas.
  • Jack was a good fact a very good ref and a straight talker he stood no nonsense....called a spade a spade.
  • Although he was probably the best known ref around at the time, he never behaved like some of them do now, thinking that the crowd is there to see them rather than the players. As well as overseeing the kick around in Germany in 1974, he sent Killer off at The Valley for booting Mick Henderson of Sunderland, after considerable provocation it should be said.
  • RIP Jack. He was the referee of my first ever Charlton game. The one mentioned by @BigWilliam above.
  • I worked closely with Jack Taylor throughout the 90's when I was Marketing Executive of The Football League and Jack was our Sponsorship Account Manager. Everyone knew Jack and if you were with him at a Club then you were treated royally.

    My special memories are of staying with him and his lovely wife Sue (and his dogs, cat, horses, ducks and donkey!) at his beautiful cottage in Shropshire. After returning from working at a match somewhere we'd sit in front of his log fire and I'd just be enthralled by his football memories and great stories. Jack's other great passions were horses and greyhounds and my wife Helen and I once enjoyed a wonderful weekend as guests of Jack and Sue when we got given a ride in Sue's horse and carriage and Jack took us to visit the kennels where his greyhounds were being trained.

    Jack told me many stories; including the famous one of when Franz Beckenbauer stared straight into Jack's face when he awarded a penalty against West Germany in the first minute of the '74 World Cup Final and said 'Taylor, you're an Englishman'! but one of my favourites was when Jack was refereeing a Manchester United match and Dennis Law was constantly 'in his ear' telling Jack what decisions he thought he should be making. After 20 minutes or so of this Jack said to Dennis 'who's refereeing this match Dennis, you or me'? to which Dennis replied 'well at the moment Jack, neither of us are'!

    I worked full-time in football for 22 years, 9 of these at The Football League and I met many of the true legends of the game; Jack was one of those and I'm very proud to call him a friend. He'll be greatly missed.
  • Thanks for posting those memories Steve. It's always nice to hear what such great characters were like in private moments. Our thoughts are with his family and many friends.
  • Blimey Steve, you've had a couple of dear old friends depart this week or so....a very sad time for you no doubt.
  • Thanks for your kind thoughts; it's been a very sad period. There were only 8 or so full-time members of staff at Selhurst Park and very sadly this year we've lost Anne Bradshaw and now Jackie Monahan. Last month my former Football League colleague Dennis Signy OBE, our former press consultant and a great confidante of mine sadly died and now the news about Jack.

    It's very sad but I consider myself very fortunate to have met and worked with some great people during my time in football and I have some wonderful memories.

    Thanks again.
  • That's a great insight @Suthers thanks for sharing.

    Rip Jack
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  • I thought of you as soon as I saw that Mr. Taylor had died, Steve. I remember you having nothing but good things to say about him. Sorry for your recent losses mate.
    RIP Jack.
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