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Charlton Life Support emails

edited July 2012 in Troubleshooting
any ideas how to stop them ? have only just started to be sent.


  • Just going to bed. If @lookout doesn't reply overnight, I'll reply in the morning Sam
  • ok , thanks
  • @sammy391 you've subscribed, likely inadvertently, to a thread. Have a look at the emails to determine which one, or look along the list of discussions to find the one bookmarked with a yellow star and click the star to unsubscribe. Have a look on your account page for options and look for options pertaining to notifications. You can change the way in which you're notified about discussions you've decided to bookmark.
  • great thanks , can you delete the thread please
  • edited July 2012
    sammy391 said:

    great thanks , can you delete the thread please

    If this thread gets deleted, you will get an email telling you so.

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