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Charlton Programmes available - just turn up and take them

I have lots of programmes that I can not keep. Anyone who wants them can have them. They are available until Sunday 26th August at which point they will be thrown in the bin!

For information there are many from 1986-1996 (some virtually full seasons with some away programmes) plus some others.

I've already paid for extra baggage to bring many back to France and my parents are moving at the end of the month. These programmes simply have to go and it would be a shame to throw them away.

Just message me and I'll give you a phone number to call to arrange pick up time etc.

Oh - and there's a pair of golf shoes in good condition, size 9.5 too.


  • Pick them up from where?

    Why don't you stick them on ebay or something? I hate the thought of this sort of thing just going in the bin.
  • Where abouts are you?
  • Where abouts are you?

    The programmes are in Bexley.

  • I will have a word with my brother he is likely to be interested
  • OK, good. Like Off It, I'd hate for them to end up in the bin.
  • Perhaps we could sell them off on here to raise a few quid for the supporters trust. If that's ok, I'll come and collect them from you.
  • Great idea PopIcon - maybe sell them in bundles per season.

    You can't just bin them jimmy. I'll take them off you and find some room in the loft next to mine if it comes to it.

    That's our history and heritage right there.
  • OK, just message me with the day and time that you want to pick them up and I'll give you the address (in Bexley). My parents can be in most of the time as long as you give them some notice. What if you suggest a day and time for the week commencing 26th August?
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