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Arsenal's sending off appeal

edited February 2007 in General Charlton
Do you think if Arsenal (as they should) lose the appeal for sundays sending offs of both players that the FA will add another game each on top of the ban for launching a "frivolous" appeal?

Doubt it somehow


  • Good point buckshee, sankofa, "frivolous" appeal, still wenger has apologised and we have to remember that David Dein is on every flippin' panel going so we'll have to wait and see, more interestingly Arsenal get knocked out of another domestic cup competition,probably wont win the premier league, if they are that good when will wenger win a MAJOR european cup competition?
  • Don't think Robbie Keane's appeal was deemed "frivolous" either!

    So why was Sankofa's???
  • Agree len, what we require is some consistency from the refs and the FA.
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