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Access to the North Upper with crutches

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Random (and probably stupid) question, but I am currently recovering from a broken foot sustained over a month ago, while its nearly healed I am walking about using a walking boot with one of my crutches to get me around, now as a season ticket holder in the North Upper do you think the club would have any issue with me turning up to sit in my usual seat in this state, again probably a stupid question but I wanted to make sure before I came on tuesday and saturday.


  • Used to see a guy in J block with crutches almost every match for a year.
  • Can ask the club for a lift pass so you don't have to walk up stairs
  • Had a mate with a broken leg a while back who got to almost the back of North Upper on crutches no problems.
  • Have been on crutches on two occasions in the last two seasons, have attended games and sat in the north upper. You can use the lift by the north stand ticket office, just show them your ticket and they should let you use it. I only know this, as a steward mention it to me as I was going up the stairs and he told about the lift.
  • My dad who is 73 has often used the lift to the upper north. Just ask and they'll let you use it.
  • Just go into the lower i'm sure there will be plenty of room.
  • Ahh Brilliant, forgot about the lift, cheers!
  • I was on crutches and sit in the Upper North. Use the lift and consider getting in early and leaving later as you may find the crowd a bit tough to navigate. Remember that there are still stairs from the concourse to your seat and they will be crowded half and full time.
  • You could just use your cructches to get up the stairs.

    A broken foot is a bit of a limp excuse for using the lift..........
  • Whoever had crutches up there for the last Millwall home game went home with one less.
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  • Talking about lifts there also a lift to West Upper?
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    Oggy Red said:

    Talking about lifts there also a lift to West Upper?

    Yes, the access is in main reception.
    You get out at the third floor and there are doors at either end of the lounge into the West Upper.
    You'll need a pass.

  • Thanks, SoundAs. Could be very useful to know.
  • You can get a temporary pass from the ticket office , or if you have a long term problem you will need to phone the club and get one.
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    Some clubs deem someone being in plaster a 'Health & Safety' risk as you can't run if theres a fire. My friend, whose leg was in plaster, was made to sit in the disabled area at two grounds....good luck tonight!
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