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Chris Powells rain getup

edited August 2012 in General Charlton
The man even looks cool when its Pissing down!


  • He is one smart fella
  • Agreed. Coolest manager in the league!
  • Did anyone notice when the ref/lino gave a moody throw-in decision against us Steve Bruce just looked down the line and tipped a pretend cap - as in, "sorry about that!".

    Nice hat.
  • Powelly says he took something from every manager he played under.

    Wonder if Jim Smith knows he nicked his hat?.............................................................
  • I remember that throw in - didn't have any effect on the match - but was amazing ref couldn't spot it.
  • Went back under cover when it pelted down,left AD out there....He has style....Love it
  • Did you see him pretending to take a throw-in at one point?
  • Saga Lout said:

    Did you see him pretending to take a throw-in at one point?

    Yeah, that really made me laugh. I think he forgot he wasn't playing for a second there!
  • That's what I thought. Probably too immursed in the game and almost forgot himself....................
  • What a proper dapper chap he is

    Must admit he is a stylish chap considering he uses to wear the most god awlful shoes when played for us is quite surprising

    He must have learnt that from sven
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  • I did notice that after getting flung up in the air and showered in champagne at the end of last season, he still looked like he'd stepped out of an Armani photoshoot. Charlton legend and a style icon, the nearest we had to that in the past was Killers sheepskin.
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