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STATBANK - Charlton 0-0 Hull

Many thanks to the 73 Lifers who gave their marks. If the site administration had not "destickied" the thread 24 hours early we might have had more - pity.
As there is so much conjecture about players and transfers I have included the cumulative stats for each player, normally I wouldn't include this until after 5 games.
The file is at:



  • Stephens only 6.34 SELL! :-)
  • edited August 2012
    Quite. Stephens judged by ourselves to be in his usual 10th out of 11. Well tbf to him it was raining, as someone pointed out. Thankfully our others can play in the rain :-)

    If we can get more than £500K (and VIlla are rumoured to have offered £600K) I'd take it, as long as we have a replacement lined up. The more money the better of course.

    We may just need to sell in any case & if that is so, I'd rather it was him than Solly.

    I like Stephens but if we need to raise money, then so be it.

    Well done to Hamer & lancashire lad.
  • Interesting - 14 fouls by Kermy and BWP, 2 by Morrison and Cort so far this season.
  • Are we ever going to chip in and get a little prize for the POTY winner?
  • Interesting also is that the defnders and strikers are at the top and - as voiced by a fair few of us on here - our midfield isn't performing enough
  • Thanks for this LL..............and thanks for taking Match Thread last Saturday...............good work mate
  • I know its only 3 games in but the cumulative stats have the 4 midfielders as the bottom 4.
    Big stat there.
  • Cheers LL. I expect Hamer to be our highest rated player this season (If he stays).
  • Stephens was named MOTM in the paper I read on Sunday
  • Salad said:

    Stephens was named MOTM in the paper I read on Sunday

    He ran the show, although for me the MOM would have been Hamer followed by BWP, but Stephens best of the rest. I don't read / contribute to the player marks thread anymore as some people have their own favourites/agenda. I know it is opinion, but within reason you can guess that certain posters will give Stephens a MAXIMUM of a 7.5 and Solly a MINIMUM of 7.5 regardless of how well either of them have played.

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