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Henri Lansbury

edited August 2012 in General Charlton
Has signed for Forrest for a million. (A bit of a bargain).
He would have been a good signing rather than splashing the cash on a reserve goal-keeper.
I wonder why Arsene didn't rate him in the end. I would have though being called Henri would have helped his cause.


  • He's not French enough for Arsene's liking
  • When I heard he'd gone to Forest I was really pleased it was them rather than us. He's not up to much. The next David Bentley perhaps. Seen him a couple of times playing for Norwich and Watford and he didn't pull up any trees. He couldn't get into Norwich's team. He was a sub.
  • He's not French enough for Arsene's liking

    Does make you laugh how many 'next big thing's' Arsenal have, that amount to nothing. Where are the likes of Justin Hoyte, Gavin Hoyte, Mark Randall etc now?
  • you don't think Lansbury would get in our team? leave it out
  • Mike said:

    you don't think Lansbury would get in our team? leave it out

    Where would you play him? Instead of who?

  • Yes we should have spent a million on Lansbury instead of 200k on a backup keeper. Makes perfect business sense
  • Cm and Stephens :D
  • in place of either Hollands or Pritchard to be honest.
  • and yeah ahead of Stephens. The bloke is proven at this level to be a great player
  • Lansbury hasn't done enough to justify a £1m fee, either. For that he should have been taking a starring role on his loans. He didn't do a lot at West Ham either, so that's 3 consecutive seasons in the Championship and no real sign of improving. Albeit he did have a spell out injured last season, and wouldn't really thrive in Allardyce's tactics. But the telling sign for me was him not getting starts at Norwich in 2010/11.
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  • he played every game when he was fit for Norwich in the championship. He just missed out on Young Player of the year in the whole league according to WIKI.
  • Mike said:

    he played every game when he was fit for Norwich in the championship. He just missed out on Young Player of the year in the whole league according to WIKI.

    Trust me, he was a sub more often than he started. Lambert brought him on when a game was won. If he'd had that impact, surely Norwich would have loaned him again last season? That would have suited Arsenal, as then he's playing PL football.

    This game was a must win: - Lansbury came on as sub

  • you're probably right pal about the starts, I've not taken that much of an interest in the bloke but in my opinion I think he's a top signing for Forest.
  • Splodge, I take it that you don't rate him. I agree with Mike that he's a top signing.
    He's only 21 so was unlikely to have played every game for the past 3 years.
    Lansbury or Wagstaff. Hmmm, tough choice.
    Also based on West Ham last year, he isn't a bad keeper.
    (NB I know we couldn't afford his wages.........25k a week)
  • Couldn't get a game for West Ham. 1m is a bonkers price.
  • Just seems ridiculous that a player who has been on loan in the Ch'ship in the last two years, yet failed to get a place in two teams, let alone take on a starring role, is valued at £1m and can earn £25k a week. All on hype, because he came through at Arsenal. He's not a worker either. I'm glad we don't shop at the Lansbury end of the market.
  • If we'd signed any midfielder that Forest did, Adlene Guedioura is the man, a central midfielder with drive, strong in the tackle, a good shot on him and scores goals by reading the game well.
  • I live and work in North Cambs and work with a couple of Norwich season ticket holders. He was a bit part player whilst on loan, could be brilliant could be anonymous and at best average, they were not sorry he didn't sign and that was in the Championship. Never made it at Arsenal and will not set the Championship alight.
  • From what i saw of him i always thought Mark Randall looked the better of the two in comparison but Randall is at Chesterfield now.
  • I said in the rumours page Lansbury is one of those players who everyone raves about, and then he does naff all. He has spent ages on the fringes at Arsenal, and whilst many of them have pushed on through and made a name for themselves, others haven't ever seemed to progress, and he is in the latter group. Surely playing a couple of seasons in the Championship, in back to back promotion sides, would mean prem sides would want you, right? But the truth is he has ended up at Forest, who though they are cash rich, weren't exactly promotion candidates last time around were they?
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