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Enjoying being a Charlton fan at work.

Every morning i have to face the journey of working in Croydon. The stench in the air as you arrive at the place,walking through the cracked paving slabs and seeing the nigels walk past you in which you just want to shout "tosser".
As entering the place where as a senior manager you have to be polite and mindful not to offend anyone there are three Palarse fans who have reveled in the fact that we have been in a lower league position for the last three years.
Even after suggesting that they should leave early from work so they can get home in time to see there favourite tv programme "Pointless" they still declined the offer.
Being charitable chaps one even offered a bet in which they wouldnt be pointless after the 14th September.It of course would have been rude of me not to oblige.£10 straight win draws are void.
What will make journey even easier today was the defeat the faced last night or humiliation and that i am in no doubt they will happily wish to talj about the game as much as they did after we lost to Orient.


  • It's a long season, go for the sympathy, subtle and smug will do more lasting damage...
  • Quality post. Time to bring out the Championship mug and display it on your desk.
  • Funny thing that working in Nigel land. I worked at the railway depot in Selhurst from mid 86 to March 88. The guys I worked with were some of the best blokes that I have EVER worked with....None of them were Palace though, Chelsea, WHU and Blackpool supporters. I hardly ever volunteered to do overtime, unless it was a Saturday morning, 8am-1pm, and of course only when Charlton were playing at 'home'.
  • Also Just sit back and enjoy the thought that we don't play in an antiquated scrapyard, aka Selhurst Park. I've seen better sewage farms.
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