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Claudio Cannigia

Currently on ESPN.

Playing for Wembley FC vs Uxbridge in an FA Cup replay. 45 years old!


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    They've also signed Keown, Le Saux, Ehiogu, Parlour and McBride. Vennables is 'technical advisor'.
  • Budweiser are paying for the whole thing, God knows why, seems strange advertising.

    Watched some of their game on Saturday and Ehiogu actually looked decent.
  • Along with Le Saux, "only Ray Parlour", Ugo Ehiogu, Brian McBride & Martin Keown.

    Unfortunately, it looks like wiki may have added a couple of Carl Leaburn and the ever reliable Phil McCracken, who always does a job sitting in the hole!!!

  • I see its caught the public's imagination! Probably less than 200 there.
  • Think you can watch the game through the Budweiser site.
  • According to wiki, Leaburn plays too?

  • I suspect I'm not the only one who thinks of Italia 90 & that game against Cameroon.
  • One of the best barnets in football ever.
  • CC is my fave ever 'on the end of a bambooozler of a tackle' footballer!!

    Massing (or something like that) in the 1990 world cupm, nigh on beheads the fucker!! Awesome!
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    Great challenge. Also love that his boot comes off and the Argie No7 "accidently" steps on his toes........................................................
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  • Typical Argies really, dirty bunch of rot bags!!
  • 22 years on and African nations still haven't mastered the art of tackling.
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