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Super Dale

Randomly came across this on you tube!


  • Such a quality strike. Knew from how was shaping to hit the ball it was going to fly in!
  • My Goal of the Season ................he had a "sighter" a few minutes earlier which went a few inches wide and I'm sure all that were there thought that deep into injury time we were gonners - but relief all around the ground !!
  • edited September 2012
    I saw this ages ago but thanks for reminding me about it again. When that went in I went mental, top,top goal.
  • haha look at Danny Haynes giving to the keeper when it hit the net.
  • from behind the goal the technique is immaculate...
  • One of my goals of the season as well. In the93rd minute and all that.
  • That's great. Cheers Crazy.
  • awesome - reminds me that I think I saw every home draw and loss last season and relatively few wins!!
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