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How the hell do you mistake Leon Cort for Michael Morrison?

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Like the BBC's summariser did on the FL show.
The latest in an almost infinite list of examples of lazy sports journalism.
(Not aimed just at the FL show, by the way, but at much of the media.)


  • The sky fella did the same. Clown shoes.
  • Last week, against Ipswich Town, the FLS commentator says Ben Hamer deflects the ball past the goal keeper. I refuse to believe anything that this show tells us now!
  • Not the first time. A couple of papers suggested that the ball deflected off Morrow last week for Ipswich's goal.
  • colour blind....
  • Well...they both had Red shirts on......
  • Must admit, I have difficulty unless I can see the number on their backs.................................
  • Re lazy journalism, according to the Mail today our player with a sweet right foot was Paul Green.
  • iaitch said:

    Re lazy journalism, according to the Mail today our player with a sweet right foot was Paul Green.

  • Even the Guardian report attributed a shot to Carl Cort.
  • This is what I mean. It's been going on for ages and the list seems endless. What I don't understand is why so many football journalists fail to check their facts before putting a report in. It's their job isn't it?
    It's relatively trivial and I guess I shouldn't let it bother me, but this really gets on my tits.
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  • It's a f****** joke how can I bring it to there attention!!!

  • It's quite easy to get them confused if you are highly incompetent.

    Honestly I don't read match reports on our games because if they can't be bothered to make it accurate I can't be bothered to read it.
  • According to the Observer, Jonnie Jackson guided in a cross from Danny Green!!
  • they all look the same to me

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    Hollands hit the shot and it smacked Jacko in the mush and went in.

    I can only think Green is being mentioned either because the scoreboard named him as scorer before changing it to Jackson or they are getting confused with his shot that was deflected onto the post.

    Still what about that magnificent volley of Stephens against Bournemouth last season? :-)
  • By the way, this isn't a "The press are Anti -Charlton" rant. I have absolutely no doubt that the vast majority of clubs get the same treatment.
    It's just not good enough.
  • Best one was years ago at Oxford - one of the agencies obviously didn't believe Leaburn had scored twice and identified the scorer as one A.Pardew. Carlo should have sued.
  • Everyone knows what the difference is , it's blindingly obvious.

    Morrison goes for the "number one all over" look, whereas Cort prefers his barnet a tad longer on top.
  • What do you expect from an organisation full of ex-public school boys.
    Have you ever tried to use there match live update system?
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    They are both tall and as we all know that is how people at CAFC are assessed. Just hope if Solly scores they don't give it to the mascot.
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  • So how DO you tell them apart? By the colour of their skin?! OUTRAGEOUS, a lot of lifers are clearly very racist :)

    What do you expect from an organisation full of ex-public school boys.

  • good mate of mine is one of the summarisers on the FLS - couldnt meet a nicer bloke, certainly not ex-public school. In fact he was in the same class as me at a grotty comprehensive, as was another kid who now commentates on MOTD etc...

    I'll have to watch the Cort/Morrison clip in question and if its him commentating - give him some stick :)
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