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Wierd Wouldya

I've known less intelligent and less attractive women than this, and remember...we are all atomic structures so think outside the box.


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    Are we expected to imagine someone?

    Edit: ah there it is, looks like a robot, so no, it would be too weird even for me...
  • Bloody hell. It took me a good few seconds to tumble that. A NO from me.
  • Just shows as blank for me.
    Who is it - put a picture up rather than video.
  • How do we know that that is not a human playing the role of an android ? .. I want hot pins inserted to show lack of pain .. and sorry .. it is WEIRD .. one of the exceptions to I before E except after C
  • Lets up the anti...if you and her were the last souls left on Earth.
  • I would.
  • perfect woman, you could turn her off whilst you are watching the football
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