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Endland v Pakistan thread

Crazy to watch yesterday, first test forfeited since 1877.

The one overriding thing that struck me was the difference between ex-cricketers that go into the media, and ex-footballers. While Gower, Botham, Hussian etc. filled the unplanned huge void in play with intelligent debate, can you imagine how stuck Lineker, Hanson and Wrighty would of been if a similar thing happened at a football match ?


  • i thought it was interesting to see how Atherton wasnt included in much of the discussion...
  • true !

    interesting to note that the ball hasn't been reproduced for the media. From the distance pictures you saw, it didn't look like there was anything out the ordinary wrong with the ball.

    The 'event' was terribly man managed. Could you imagine a football crowd sitting there patiently for a few hours without being told a thing ?
  • The thing that has bugged me about the whole thing is that umpire Darrell Haire is now seen as the villian in piece and not the Pakistani players. The player accused (forgotten his name) has had a history of ball tampering and you could see him trying to pick the seam and scratching away at the seam.
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