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US Based Addicks

If you are in the US I'm sure you'll be interested to hear that Fox (and ESPN) have lost the right to broadcast the English Premier League from next season.

NBC have won the rights for the next 3 seasons.


  • What does that mean though? Will we still get the same number of games. What about Sky Sports news?
  • Looks like we will get more games....six screened live every week.

    Fox Soccer have an agreement with Sky Sports News (as they are sister companies) but that might change depending on what is in NBC's contract. If they have the rights to it they might not want FSC (via Sky Sports news) showing highlights or goals.
  • Interesting, might reduce my cable bill.
  • I wonder what channel NBC will show the games on? They have a number of cable channels. I know a lot of the Comcast senior people pretty well and they are certainly investing a ton of money into their sports offerings.

    Fox and FSC must be gutted. They have solely developed the game on it's networks over the years and expanded and improved the quality of their product and their presenters.
  • Except for the occasional "in studio" commentaries, which are horrible, Fox and FSC do a great job of covering the important games, and must take a lot of credit for the increased interest in our sport in the last few years. As Chicago says, they must be gutted to lose out after their part in the development of interest over here. NBC has a lot to do to be as good.
  • NBC have said that the majority of games will be on the NBC Sports Channel.

    Their contract means they will actually show all 350 games in full.....whether on TV or online.
  • Have mixed feelings about this quite honestly. While Fox/FSC developed the game, the "in studio" commentaries were horrible are detracted from the product. What about the FA/League Cup games? Who has those rights?
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