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The CL Auctions: Target £2,500 launch (and message from Paul Hart)

Alongside our Player sponsorship efforts (another SEVEN players sponsored this season, thanks everyone), over the last year or so we have also attempted to raise funds for periphery club-related causes, such as minibuses for the academy, packs for the Young Addicks Christmas Party etc.

This has been achieved through the sterling efforts of @HenryIrving, and the generosity of fellow lifers in terms of donating and bidding for auction prizes.

With the assistance of Bromley Addicks, we are about to embark on another round of fundraising, and this time we have a definitive target and goal in place, as explained by Paul Hart below:

At the Charlton Athletic Academy our main objective is to create not only a very professional and educational learning environment but also one that is safe. Consequently last year we acquired, with the help of Charlton Life, Bromley Addicks and Valley Gold, two new mini buses, which enable us to transport about 30% of the boys from home to school or from home to the training ground.

We feel that, unlike many of our competitors, we can say to our prospective parents that we care for your boys whether they are on our premises or away from them.

Once again we find ourselves in a similar position to last year, we need another vehicle to add to our fleet of two so that we can further improve our commitment to our boys and their parents.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to anybody who is willing to contribute to this cause and I can assure you that it will be employed to have the greatest effect.

Kindest Regards

Paul Hart
Charlton Athletic Academy Director

So there you have it. Target £2,500 is now launched. If you have any prizes that you would be willing to donate and think may attract interest, please send Henry Irving an inbox message.

Thanks in advance to anyone who supports this initiative.


  • Cheers AFKA,

    Have some top notch stuff ready to auction but always happy to consider any new stuff.

    Also if people want to donate direct rather than wait for a particular auction item then inbox me and I can give you Bromley Addicks bank details.

  • Great effort well done
    Looking forward to see wot gems uve got for us this time
  • Cheers, see the signed picture above
  • £50.00 donation from Eltham Addicks.
  • Cheers,

    Much appreciated

    Target £2,450 it is.
  • Actually its Target £2,350 as there is £100 on the current auction
  • What's the total cost of the targeted vehicle?
  • More that £2,500 but that is what I have said CL and BA can raise. Won't be a full 20 seater minibus like last time, more likely a small van or estate car I think.
  • More than £2,500 but that is what I have said CL and BA can raise. Won't be a full 20 seater minibus like last time, more likely a small van or estate car I think.

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  • Big thanks to Valiant Phil who has chucked £20 in the pot

    Target £2,330
  • edited December 2012
    Quick update.

    So far you wonderful people have raised ....

    Wait for it


    and that's not counting the £675 that was also raised for the Royal British Legion.

    Well done and thanks to everyone who donated or bid.

    More stuff to come in the new year including some Woolwich shirts, signed player pics, Dave Ramsden artwork, old shirts, new signed shirts and rare programmes.
  • Just when you thought it was safe to come back on Charlton Life.

    We're two fifths of our way to our total so with Christmas over, "blue" Monday been and gone and the snow melting it's time for the auctions to recommence.

    Watch Charlton life for the next auction items.
  • With the money raised since Xmas and the £1430 raised with the last auction we've now reached and gone passed the £2500 target we set ourselves.

    We will have £2580 when everyone has paid

    Thanks to every one who helped by donating prizes or by bidding (winners or not).

    But we're not stopping there.

    Target £3000 here we come. Only £420 to go.
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