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Gritt, Nels, Peacock, and more join Kins for CAS Trust #bttv20 Bartram's 5.12.12

It was 20 years ago today....that the Addicks came back to play!

More guests announced including members of the '92 team, check out our website for more details, and please email [email protected] for more information.


The first 3 people to email [email protected] register as a Trust Supporter (if not already done so), and name all the featured players from the Addicks past in Stig's celebratory picture here will win a signed CAS Trust news special 1st Edition, and poster if we have some to spare - we'll try and get as many players to sign them as possible on the day.

(Thanks to Stig for yet another excellent graphic)

PS. We are expecting various cameos from other players not mentioned above during the evening
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  • If no-one gets it right, am I the winner?

    I just thought I ought to say, if I've counted correctly (I'll double check when I get home) as well as all the players there are five Charlton managers on there to name. Three of whom played for Charlton; but two didn't. No more clues.
  • no you are now official employee :D
  • What's the pension scheme like?
  • well done too, great pic, is that you blacked out at the back? ;)
  • Now, if only I had his pension ;-)
  • its 100% of normal earnings index linked, normal earning being 0
  • Is that Olly at the bottom?
  • It's amazing Bob Dylan played for us that's for sure.
  • Is that Olly at the bottom?

    Ha ha. Oh I wish I'd thought of doing that!
  • Who Is Sasha Calling a Wanka
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  • Five Charlton managers, eh?

    I've been looking really hard, but I can't seem to find Iain Dowie and Alan Pardew.
  • Yes, I can confirm there are five Oggy. Are you trying to throw people off the scent?
  • carm on folks only 1 person so far has managed to get this right and email us
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