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CAS Trust: is now incorporated!

Just in the nick of time for our launch

We also now have full membership, website, as well as launch tonight, AGM early next year:

Over 1000 followers and subscribers, and growing paid membership

(and as mentioned on another thread)

Every football club is special to an extent, and the reason being its more than money can buy. People love their club and that is special, not for gain or glory but because its part of them, and for me that is why it is worth fighting for.

Is Charlton special still? Yes because of our history, pretty much everything you see at the Valley today is a result of that specialness, without it we probably not be here.

Perhaps we got lazy, the supporters club was allowed to decline, but every revolution gets old as does every generation, we couldn't form a Trust before when in retrospect we most needed it a few years ago - I rue this personally as I didn't get involved due to just having my first child at the time. But all is not lost.

We can unite, we can rebuild and revitalise. We don't have to do it with fireworks, sacking the board, tearing down the club house. We can do it gently and with quiet determination. We can work with whatever situation, ownership and environment.

Little by little we can rebuild our fan network and revitalise our supporters with new blood and new ideas. We can work with the club to help in whatever way we can to make our club a success and keep the wolves from the door in the bad times. Sure we will have something to say when things are not right but only if we are able to do so in possession of facts and answers, not just complaints or rumours however worrying they are.

All our fans can do this, it costs nothing to subscribe and nothing for under 16s, and only a measley fiver a year to own a piece of the Trust and become a full member. Ask yourself when you come on Charlton Life or have a chat down the pub, how much you take the club and yes its various benefactors over the years for granted. Can we really moan about them and their real or apparent motives if we do nothing to help ourselves.

This is our club, we just need to show it by what we do to help it and not just take it for granted year on year. No one else will do it for us.

I hope we can bridge the gulf that has opened between fans and owners, tonight we will celebrate what the union of those two interests can achieve with our launch and back to the Valley celebration. It is this that I will fight for as long as people who support the Trust want me to do that as Chair, and as long as I can in whatever capacity outside of that.

The building blocks are in place, all we need now is You. Spread the word.

Barnie Razzell - interim chair, CAS Trust


  • And what a great job you and the other interim officers have done getting us this far, Barnie. I'm really gutted that I can't make it tonight but I hope you all have a fantastic launch event. Congratulations and total respect to all involved.
  • Good luck this evening.
  • Davo55 said:

    And what a great job you and the other interim officers have done getting us this far, Barnie. I'm really gutted that I can't make it tonight but I hope you all have a fantastic launch event. Congratulations and total respect to all involved.


  • Davo55 said:

    And what a great job you and the other interim officers have done getting us this far, Barnie. I'm really gutted that I can't make it tonight but I hope you all have a fantastic launch event. Congratulations and total respect to all involved.



  • Fourthed ! See you tonight, Barnie.
  • Well done to Barnie and the rest of the team.
  • Congrats for getting this far - will be there in spirit if not in person tonight and hope you have a fantastic evening.
  • Would love to be there tonight but it is my birthday and my non-football loving husband would probably blow a gasket if I suggested something Charlton related as a night out- Hope it goes well, I am sure it will
  • Fifthed! Well done and have a great night. Very sad I can't be there myself
  • Me too. Keep the faith! Fight the power! Congratulations your majesty
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  • Good luck tonight! I can't make it but I will be attending the AGM next year as well as taking up a paid membership. Well done.
  • The 'togetherness' amongst the Charlton fans is tangible, and I am thoroughly enjoying being a supporter again. In recent years that 'spark' had gone and it was sheer tedium at times. Chris Powell has got the team playing as a unit and the fans are once again active, establishing the Supporters' Trust.
    At last, some INPUT, rather than merely turning up at games, being passive, then going home. We ARE the Club!
    Up the Addicks!
  • Have you got a lisp, Slartbartfast ?
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    sevendididid... :~)
  • well done Razil and co...excellent work, I'm up in Midlands and cant get there hope all goes well
  • Huge turn out of players and fans, really good night.
  • Huge turn out of players and fans, really good night.

    Sorry I missed it. Did not get back from Dorset till late
  • Hope it went well. You have my 100% support.
  • No time for lengthy musings but two interesting side bits from tonight.
    Keith Peacock said that at the training ground player talk is usually many and varied, not often lengthy talk about previous match experiences for them, less so about the crowd. However he remarked how much the players talked about our support against Cardiff in the days after the game. I was lucky enough to go to Bristol City, and you could certainly sense in the players the carry over from the Cardiff support.
    The other thing was a couple of the players remembering the slaughtering Kim Grant took once and how negative that was all round, and how it hurt more than just Kim.
    So two snippets regarding how we can affect them.
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  • What a great night, thank you to everyone that came down. Feels like the start of something special.
  • Glad I was able to be there tonight. Great to see & talk to Kins, Gritty and Nelse.

    All power to CAST !
  • Just quickly edited a few of the famous faces.

  • Was kins particularly cold
  • Kinsella doesn't look a day older than when he was still playing for us..............
  • Kinsella doesn't look a day older than when he was still playing for us..............

    that was exactly my first thought

  • Congratulations to Craig for his impeccable timing in getting CAST incorporated on 5th December.

    Keith Peacock, Garry Nelson, Brian Kinsey and Steve Gritt were interesting and amusing (especially Nelse), but I thought Mark Kinsella was particularly impressive. He spoke from the heart and he made manifestly clear his complete disdain for players who turn up and go through the motions (Pouso was mentioned...).

    Interesting that he said he took a pay cut when he joined Charlton from Colchester.
  • More later but a huge thank you to guests and fans alike who helped launch the trust but more importantly celebrate the achievements of the last 20 years including our magnificent return to the Valley.

    We were blessed with 5 legends from the era who fair play to them have no obligation to come to these things.

    I don't want to single one or two of them out but it must be said of Mark Kinsella, he missed a reserve match to come down, was the first player to commit allowing us a headliner for publicity, and is every bit the man we saw on the pitch in person, and old skool leader of men. Also Keith Peacock for representing the club with his statesman like grace, and Gritty Nelse and Kinsey for supporting the event with excellent comments and stories. We were in competition with one maybe two other events, that they chose to appear for us speaks volumes about them I feel.

    Also a big thank you to Richard Murray who arranged to put some money behind the bar, and sent his best wishes. I have never had the pleasure but hope to thank him in person one day for that and everything he has done for our club which should not be underestimated or forgotten.

    Thanks all those who spoke, and in particular the Valley party group who stood up and said some words towards the end. It was absolute pleasure to award them all our role of honour for their efforts.

    Last but not least to all the trust supporters new and old, thanks for your support this thing is nothing without that.

    It was a great climax to a lot of hard work from a lot of people. I am looking forward to a nice rest (some hope) :) over xmas after our meeting next week.

    We are building foundations here, slowly and surely. This trust can give fans of the club a network to channel our energies for the good of our club in good times and bad. We can start by rebuilding our supporters groups, listening to fans, engaging with the club and hopefully building mass membership.

    Spread the word, sign up, your Trust needs you!


  • Great event, very pleased I could make it (even if I was a little late) and look forward to supporting the Trust in any way I can moving forward. Well done to Barnie et al.
  • edited December 2012
    Other thank yous

    Geoff Doyle Essex Addicks, without his influence and generous donation he advocated from the branch we would not have the luxury of funds to drive our membership publcity, nor the design and inspiration for Trust News. I hope perhaps we can revive the branch somehow.

    Ben Hayes, will probably tell me off for mentioning him, but I regard him as one of the gems in the Addicks Fan arsenal. And to Bromley Addicks also big supporters of the trust idea and donors, and first to offer to affiliate - a process we hope to put into place soon.

    Jean Huelin, can't thank you enough for your common sense approach, support, and general excellentness.. what a woman.

    John Commerford, we hope to visit you guys in Ashford very soon.

    Dom from Eltham, trying to do something to make a difference, keep it up Dom you have all the support we can give you.

    The heavy lifters in CAS Trust, every bit helps but some of these guys just don't know how to say no (to a drink in some cases). In particular all the gang who helped out last night, it is a team effort believe me.

    David Hall, whom I have actually never met, provided us with a free website, and very low cost solution for membership system meaning we didn't have to go for a solution that wasn't ideal. Expect more from David very soon, keep watching the site.

    Phil Sands from Pompey Supporters Trust who gave an impromtu speech.

    Ben Shave from supporters direct, what a great job to have and Ben provides excellent support and encouragement, top man.

    Phil Webster, DJ who MC'd for us at the last minute, with a rather fluid running order, and having to wrestle the mic off me. Also provider of that fantastic picture of the Valley that adorns our website and CAS Trust news.

    Greg Warren for taking the photos last night


    Hope I've just about covered everyone.

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