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Trotter off to leicester?

Leicester are really getting to millwall, brilliant.


  • Is this confirmed or just a rumour , anything that weakens them twonks is good news
  • lol hope this is true
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    Just shows the strength of the big clubs in this league.

    The onetime darling of Charlton Life, Therry Racon, doesn't even get to warm the bench at a big club like Millwall.

    What a readymade replacement waiting in the wings should Trotter leave....
  • Don't forget that Millwall have already bid 1 million for Wood and any money from Trotter could really strengthen them. All that glisters is not gold.
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    Leicester are ridiculous. The sooner they're out of the league and can stop hoovering up the league's talent as it comes along, the better.

    That said, it's Millwall so it's pretty funny this time.
  • Millwall blokes I know don't even rate Trotter.
  • Plaaayer said:

    Millwall blokes I know don't even rate Trotter.

    Most i know dont like Jackett even though he has effectively overachieved whilst there.
  • Millwall dont like anyone --- and i have herd no one likes them (just a rumour)
  • Rodney or Del?
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