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All going Palace

Gutted to miss todays game for a number of reasons - We will get back on track next week in croydon. Can't wait, 10.15 out of Sunbury.


  • glad now I haven't got tickets for this. We are likely to get mullered..........4-0 defeat.
  • glad now I haven't got tickets for this. We are likely to get mullered..........4-0 defeat.


  • Tits to winning, I'm just going to get royally pissed.
  • I'd be more worried going there having won 4 on the row. Keep the faith especially away from home where we are pretty decent
  • After 2day frustrating result will probably go and win 3-0 now that's just the way our season has gone . Anyway 6 of us going from here to sellout palace
  • Here's hoping Palace totally underestimate us, and our lads are up for it as they were v Millwall.
  • I've decided not to go now

    Too scary over there
    We might lose
    We'll play 4-5-1
    Powell won't pick any subs
    Slater is a liar
    Jimenez is selling The Valley to Tescos

    Doom Doom Doom where is the rope
  • Yesterday's result was a timely reminder to the players... The outclassed Wednesday yesterday and got caught out because they didn't make their superiority count. 3,000 noisy charlton fans ( and let's face it, the atmosphere was a bit muted yesterday) will make sure nobody goes to sleep next week... It will be interesting to see how many charlton fans are in the home ends next week and what impact they have on muting the home support if things start going our way...
  • I wouldn't say we outclassed them yesterday. Poor game all round.
    Lets move on...
    I'm looking forward to the piss up next week. To get a result would be a bonus
  • Local derby. Form and on paper stuff goes out the window to an extent.

    If it is true that the rivalry means more to us than palace then that suits me down to the ground as our players will be aware of it and should give us an advantage.

    Looking forward to it.
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  • yesterdays defeat behind me already, looking forward to next week - as with most games in a league where you are a mid table team, it could have gone either way yesterday. A fair chance we will lose next week, but a good enough chance we could win. Atmosphere guaranteed either way.
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