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Palace away U18's spare ticket

is there anyone who's got a spare ticket for palace away for my friend, would be willing to pay over the odds?


  • No touting allowed on CL.

    Face value only.

  • just asking to help a friend
  • Bit slow there Sir Henry - 8 minutes.
  • just asking to help a friend

    Fair enough but offering to pay over the odds encourages people to start touting.

    As its a fans site it should be fans helping out other fans if they have a spare at face value. Buy the seller a pint by all means but no more.

    Not my rule but the rule of the people who run the site although I agree with it.
  • yeh I'd be happy to do that
  • Or someone could sell you one at whatever the free-market economy dictates you will or must pay. The seller however must give any resulting "profit" to one of the charity auction funds.
  • No touting allowed on CL.

    Face value only.

  • This is in fact my son who's put up the thread, I'd be happy to buy the person a pint if they just have a spare one.
  • One adult ticket for sale
  • This all sounds a bit fishy to me.........
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  • This all sounds a bit fishy to me.........

    I'm just waiting for one of them to take the bait
  • For Cod sake......
  • Are you sure his your son and not a user called Codfish's son?
  • J BLOCK said:

    One adult ticket for sale

    direct messaged you pal. I was waiting for work to confirm I was off and by the time they did it was sold out,

  • I might do Kodfish - despite my insistence my 11 year old is not really up for it. I don't want to put him through the pain for no good reason.

    I'll know in the next couple of days so don't hold out but I'll let you know.

    Kids of today !! He's after me getting him some Man U tickets instead..... I'll be there though so he'd have to spend the day with his mum - that may swing it Charlton's way.
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