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Bottling it at Millwall

Evening Std mentions an incident of bottles being thrown at the lino on Friday night. No flares, smoke bombs or seats though.

Surely not - I thought we were the scum now. Any Charlton want to own up to having been there and taken their excitement out on the poor official ?


  • i saw that, the club are a circus, they really do make me chuckle even luton didnt want them.
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    Plastic bottles...the lino run away as the ref & players just seemed to stand there laughing at him. Henry Winter commented on it but generally praised the support.

    Again though it does us no favours, don't get why people chuck so much beer away, risk a ban/nicking, odd.
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    Thought there would be more coverage of it to be honest, especially as it was on national radio on the night.

    When the fourth official gave loads of added time (thanks to said bottle throwing) with Millwall just going 2-1 up, I was hoping so much for a Villa equaliser. Would've served those scummy idiots right.
  • The game wasn't stopped for 6 minutes. The added time include the subs, a goal, injuries AND the slight delay for bottle throwing. The media report it as though the whole 6 minutes was down to the delay.
  • Have you lot been being pwoper nawty again SLL
  • It's ok it was a plastic bottle.

    Makes it ok then. Plank
  • It was a psychic Luton fan upping the ante in advance of the next round.
  • buckshee said:

    It's ok it was a plastic bottle.

    Makes it ok then. Plank

    Makes it silly in my book, but you crack on jumping to conclusions.
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