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CAS Trust: Are we Bigger than Palace? Phase II Target 200-Target 2000

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In our second phase up to AGM, we would like to double our members/network.

This means 150-300 paid members and 1700 subscribers/social networks, and eventually be the biggest Supporters' Trust in South London, Palace have over 2000 twitter followers..

As you may know, we have been invited to attend the Fans Forum next week, we think it would be great to reach the 200 mark for full members before then currently 186.

So if you haven't got around to it please logon today

(login if already a subscriber - as you may get an email already in use error if you don't)

Check out: for more info


  • Good luck, Barnie.
  • Barnie, the link comes back to this page.
  • Ok fixed ta for the heads up
  • edited January 2013
    Are we bigger than Palace?!!!

  • I've fixed it I think
  • Please change the title.

    In the week leading up to a match against them they'll be on here laughing their clearasil dry.
  • Odd one did it twice, tested twice
  • Of course we are bigger than Palace, while I understand the sentiment isn't this completely the wrong time for this subject?

    Are we bigger than Palace? YES

    Is our Trust bigger than Palace's? Well why don't we wait till Monday for this discussion? The Nigels are going to have a field day!!

    p.s. any Nigels laughing at this, it's the only thing you will be laughing at for the next few days, BOSH!!
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  • Please change the title.

    In the week leading up to a match against them they'll be on here laughing their clearasil dry.

    Agreed. Embarrassing.
  • I'm in...c'mon folks it's only a fiver
  • What about as a club, how does it stack up?
  • Prompted me to finally sign up.
  • very close now: 198 full/junior members, 369 subscribers.
  • now at 200 let's smash the 300 barrier next, and Palace on Saturday :)

  • Cringe-in' ell.
  • Thing is Palace got their trust up and running because their club was on fire and heading out of existence.

    Please don't wait for sometime in the future... From securing 100 members at the launch less than 2 months ago, CASTrust has now doubled.

    It will double again to 400 in the next few months if you get involved NOW
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    Indeed it might be a bit cringey as Jarman puts it but its bagged us 30 members or so in the last 2 days, and a lot more followers - feel free to unfollow though
  • Well done on achieving 200 paid up members with the first real "push."

    As just one of that 200 I think it would be wonderful if we could somehow convince all of our 10,000 or so ticket holders to pay their fiver and join up whilst at the same time being careful not to give the impression that the Trust is for season ticket holders only or any other distinct group of fans.

    I'm not a marketing man so the best I can do is something like: Support Charlton? The Trust is your truss! Join today £5!

    Needs a bit of work....
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  • How can something that aims to keep us the fans involved and help to make sure there is a future for CAFC, if the worst were to happen. Where would Pompey be now without their supporters trust?
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