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Should the Officials be more openly dealt with.

My thought is prompted by the obvious red card tackle in the first five minutes last Saturday. To sum up the situation in my opinion, we had 4 officials around the pitch and a dangerous tackle was made that was so late that it could have crossed the time zone ! The Referee saw the tackle because he handed out a yellow card. He I'm sure was very aware of the rules, it was a sending off, but he failed to apply the rules that are drummed into him. The timimg of the offence is not an issue, it's a red card .

What I would like to see is the result of his error. Has he been cautioned or reprimanded in any way by his management ? If players commit a serious error, they get slaughtered in the media because all the information is published by the FA. If supporters do it they again are all over the media. When its the official, everything takes place behind closed doors. Should we have more open action in the case of the officials ? Dare I say should the 4th official carry cards ?
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