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The Latest 'Yipee Ki Yay' - ** Warning Probably Includes Spoilers **

Taking my old Mum at the end of the week (she loves her action movies) too see Bruce Willis in the new Die Hard film , just wondered if our esteemed film critics on Charlton Life had been to see it yet , what they thought of it , and how it ranked against other Die Hard films ( I loved the others).


  • Never seen any of them. Hope my input was helpful.
  • Not the best, certainly not the worst. Not much dialogue, lots, and I mean lots, of explosive action. Totally far fetched, however suspend all belief in reality and just immerse yourself in it.
  • This gives me all I need to know:

    I won't be seeing it.
  • I think the fact that they've released it as a 12 in the UK tells you all you need to know. Yippie ki yay melon farmer
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