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Look Through London's Windows - CAN YOU FIND THE VALLEY?

In this 320-gigapixel snap of London, see how long it takes you to find the Valley.


  • Wow that's impressive. And found the Valley! Right next to a decent landmark too
  • I needed to use a pc for this. No chance on a phone!
  • I can see the Valley from my office window.
  • Jesus. That's tough to find. Took me 10 mins. It's like Where's Wally? (Where are the Wallies more like).
  • Stumbled across it by chance, about 3 minutes.
    Anyone seen this 360 thing at a football ground, its quite good. Mate went Newcastle away with Spurs and they did one. Spot yourself in the crowd type thing.
  • I found Wembley, Stamford Bridge and the wonderful Emirates too.
  • f*ck me that was difficult. found it in the end. cutty sarf was putting me off a bit. thought it would be closer to that.
  • spotted the valley - took ages and then went round and saw the den, a bit of the oval, my workplace, wembley, lords, emirates, a stadium behind which I think could be white hart lane, and then olympic stadium. couldn't see stamford bridge though. that passed an hour of my day. good stuff.
  • That's fantastic.

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