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Signed Charlton Shirt (Silent Auction)

Hello Everyone

A very dear friend of mine will be running the London marathon on April 21st. Which I’m sure you will all appreciate is a massive effort ( I consider myself quite fit and struggle to do 3 miles never mind 26 and a half) which takes more determination and dedication than I can even dream off. The Reason my friend Tessa making the huge effort is to support and raise money for the Charity EllenorLions and Chyps which is a local Charity which helps Seriously ill Adults and children, More details can be found at

With Danny Green also being a keen supporter of this same Charity, he has very kindly donated a signed shirt 2012-2013 shirt to Auction off for this great Charity, It will be a silent Auction therefore all bid’s will be received by Tessa through email with the highest bidder winning one the 15th March at a Charity event arranged to raise more money. So With people able to bid on the night then I would imagine it won’t be announced till late who has won. Please if anyone is interested email Tessa at [email protected] with any bid you can afford, it’s a great prize for a great cause and just think if some people on here are to be right, with Millwall coming to town the next day, it could well be the last purchase you ever make ;-)

I'm pretty sure it will be signed by the whole of the current squad and as soon as I get clarification I will let you know and will be posting a picture of it in the near future.

Any other questions, don't hesitate to ask and I can forward them on or try to anwser myself.


  • Hello again, although it didn't seem to drum up much interest in comments atleast I thought I'd post a picture of the signed shirt to bump it back to the top. Remember it's a great prize for a great limageocal charity.
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