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  • There you go that's back on, sorry bout that, you know what Yann's like, he'll kick anything!
  • Can I borrow your head because I can't think of a solution to our bad home form you might have an idea as they say 2 heads are better then 1
  • Is this the so called Red Division ? I thought my followers had banished them.

  • "I know we need the money Tony but are you sure letting Gimps R US design the kit is a good idea?"
  • "Dont care if you have got to save the world spidey.
    Nobody's leaving here before Millwall."
  • Where are the fecking holes in this bowling ball?
  • There we are Mr Cash. No one will recognise you with that on.
  • So, what's it like to have a spirit level instead of an arm?
  • it me you're looking for? No it isn't, so bog off I'm a hetrosexual man!
  • A radical solution to poor results as Charlton pioneer the first organically grown midfielder.
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  • Always wanted a red head!
  • Powell goes to Spain. Is he putting too many Basques in one head kit?
  • Chris Powell tries to work out what player the board have got him for a birthday present.
  • Not many Jelly Babies in this bag!
  • "Good, no-one noticed... If I stick it back on quickly, no-one will ever know it was me who broke it."
  • Wear this Scott, he won't recognise you then!
  • An example of creatine abuse.
  • I said I wanted a Vespa, not a vesta.
  • Powell comes up with with a new method of trying to get strikers to shoot on instict.

    "Okay Ricardo, the goal is in that direction. Now I'm gonna spin you round 3 times"...........................
  • Sorry, I don't care how good you are, if you look like Dowie you have to wear this.
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  • edited March 2013

    CP amazed by undercover policeman's latest attempt to gather intel

  • CP meets disguised Charlton fan attending first game since upsetting recruitment consultants.

  • The power of Christ compels you...
  • edited March 2013
    "There is a giant rubber duck behind us...DO NOT turn around"
  • Chris Powell entertains the crowd with his new found ventriloquist skills.
  • This should be called spot NLA. I can see his tit in the background!
  • Beach-Ball, who scored against liverpool in 2009, signs for Charlton
  • As he screwed on the last piece Chris Powell thought, 'My god, Airfix models have come on a bundle since I was a kid'
  • No, honestly, you can hardly see that spot at all.
  • Introducing Charlton's very own edgy comedian "Frankie Boil".
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