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Pub for Boro

There are 12 of us going to Newcastle for the weekend and going to the game on Saturday. I was wondering where most people are having a beer?


  • Assuming it's still there, we'll be in Hogans in Darlington by the train station. A couple of very entertaining pre match sessions were spent in there back in the day-I can't imagine it's going to live up to them but we'll see what happens........
  • Ahhhh hogans - the memories!
    Had the pleasure of staying up there one night and went to the karaoke that night. Eye opening. @medders will tell you! You must go there for at least 1 on the way up if your train goes via Darlington. It's a rule.
  • Had a memorable saturday night out in Darlo with a Geordie after we lost at St James, Went into to Darlo and did all the pubs including hogans, was mental, like something out of blazing saddles,quality night.
  • What was so good about Hogans?
  • They buy barrels with a short shelf-life and sell them off cheap! Nothing wrong with it and it pulls the punters in. We pulled into Darlo just before 11 a few years ago and headed straight there thinking we'd be first in. The place was packed out!

    Definitely an experience worth going for. On one occasion, a slightly cocky, younger Charlton fan was trying to have a laugh with the barmaid, saying he didn't have enough money for the 10 pints at £9. Without batting an eyelid, she told him that was OK...she'd take it out of his face!! We all believed her!

    And definitely take part in the raffle...the locals love it when all the Charlton fans win all the drink prizes!! ;-)
  • Saturday mornings 11-12 was genuinely their happy hour! The pints were less than £1 (this was late 90s) and after midday went up to about £1.15 and the barmaid, bless her, warned us as we buying our first round at the higher price.
    It was full of characters-I remember a long conversation with a guy in a purple Rucanor shell suit who told us his name was Terry Cooper and he won a cap for England back in the day. It was also the first time I'd ever seen someong with watches for sale attached to the inside of their jacket.

    We went there again before the cup game a few years ago and the place had been revamped and extended and wasn't really the same-I'm just hoping that Saturday morning is when it really comes to life...................
  • HandG said:

    It was also the first time I'd ever seen someong with watches for sale attached to the inside of their jacket

    Lol...was chatting with a Boro mate yesterday, who is going again on Saturday with a load of Charlton mates. We were playing pool in there one year when a lad with the watches turned up at the side of the table. He was offered a fake watch, only to say no as he had the real thing on!! Immediately regretted saying it and we had visions of taking him home less his arm!!

    I know how that looks to read, but it's actually not a bad pub and certainly better than anything you'll get in Boro itself!! ;-)
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