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Has anyone been to football in Sao Paulo, Brazil?

Off there later this year, and hoping to catch a match...


  • I saw a game at the Morumbi 3 years ago, about £11 on the door. An absolute 'mare to get to though.

    What do you want to know? You have Sao Paulo who I saw, Corinthians, Palmeiras or you can get a coach out to Santos. Attendances are generally quite low in the Brazilian league so tickets are easy to come by unless it's a big game.
  • Thanks, RedPanda. From the fixtures, looks like it will be a derby, so might be a bit tasty! Did you go to the football museum? I've heard getting around SP generally is v difficult...
  • Nice, which teams? I didn't make it to the museum but heard good things. The coolest thing I did in the city was go up the Santander tower.

    Yeah, the metros are often indirect and involve a few changes. I think I also had to get 2 buses to the Morumbi, despite leaving early I missed kickoff. The other grounds are easier to get to as far as I know, if you're lucky you can get 2 games in a weekend in.
  • Errrm let me think.......... no don't think so.

    : )
  • If its anything like Max Payne 3...
  • Not been to Sao paulo but went to fluminese v flamengo in Rio which was a big rio derby final at the maracana. Brilliant atmosphere and spoke to loads of locals ( who spoke English).

    Can't speak for Sao paulo but in my experience the brazilians generally like the English and the fact that we love our footy (and brahma)! If you're not normally a scarfer, where a shirt and the locals will chat to you.
  • When I was there my colleagues were not at all keen to take me a match. They were Palmeiras fans and I had hoped to go as they were playing during my visit. Suspect they were being over-cautious as they were constantly having kittens about me wandering down to a bar at night, but the central area felt safe. One thing to be aware of is that the kick off times can be a bit odd with games finishing really late, sometimes after public transport closes up.
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    Probably over cautious, unless Palmeiras had history with the opposition's fans. The first game I saw was Botafogo in Rio and I was pretty worried. It was a night game across city and I was dressed down, taking minimal photos and must have been looking pretty anxious as two locals came up to me. They were like "hey, relax, dance, have fun, enjoy the game!"

    Watching football there is generally quite safe I think, there can be trouble but these days not on the scale of Argentina, Peru, etc. However, it is worth paying a bit more and sitting along the side. The cheapest seats are where their 'torcida' or nutters will be.
  • Thanks for the advice, everyone. Looks like Corinthians v Santos derby is an option...
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