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Getting tickets for Barca?

Anyone got experience of getting tickets for Nou Camp for home games? Going to Barcelona in October and wonder what the chances of getting seats for me, my partner and two lads? Should I forget it?


  • Depends who they are playing, when I was there it was Madrid so good luck finding that ticket.

    Locals said for other games you should be okay though.
  • When I went there were 12 of us and we went up the day before did the museum and got tickets no problem.
  • Thanks chaps
  • Or go and watch Espanyol, more befitting of an Addicks fan. :-D
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    Went espanyol game and the ticket we had was for a pen that had all these nutters in, kind of Spanish ultras singing viva espana and issuing threats to other home fans in the Unpenned areas. The police moved is out after ten mins as we obviously didn't look like we belonged there. That was at Olympic stadium but think moved now. Didn't realise the funicular railway that took you up there would be closed by end of game and ended up winding our way down the 'mountain' in the dark hoping not to be jumped by the local junkies.
  • I bought tickets via their website. The trickiest bit was collecting the ticket from of the banks with instructions in Spanish
  • Been a few times and usually just go up to the ticket office the day before the game. Not cheap though...they put us down in the lower tier corner last time and tickets were €95. Great experience, but wouldn't be in a rush to go back at those prices.
  • Went about 3 years ago to Barca v Sevilla and bought tickets via the website first - was very easy, collected at tge ground about 4 hours before the game as Wed booked a hotel 5 mins walk away.
  • Got tickets through the hotel I was in. Was the summer after that play off game, so a while ago, but dead easy.
    Even if you can't get to a game you must go to the Barca museum, fantastic.
  • Got tickets for AC Milan in the Champions League this year. You can get them online, best on one of two dates. Either the day they go on general sale - there are about 10,000 of these tickets available for most games but they may go fast depending how attractive the opposition is. The second date is after the socios have given back their tickets, depending on the game there will be fewer of these but in potentially better seats. The view is surprisingly good from pretty much everywhere (apart from the away section).

    If you have any issues, e-mail the club - they answered me really quickly in perfect English when I asked them a couple of questions.
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  • Espanyol, still got more to do with our kind than Barcelona. Why would you go and watch the equivalent of Manchester United or Arsenal abroad when you would not consider it here?
  • Our kind ?
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    Your hotel should be able to get tickets for you.

    A load of us went to watch Barca for my stag years ago. We all came away pretty underwhelmed by our experience of the Nou Camp. Well I know I did.
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    se9addick said:

    Our kind ?

    People who chose to follow their local, less successful, team rather than the huge international "brand" in the same city that wins loads of stuff SE9 - e.g. Chelsea.
  • I understand where you are coming from Algarve, but as neither Barcelona or Espanyol are exactly my local team I think I'll go to see the one that promises better football. If a Spaniard was visiting Manchester and wanted to watch some quality football I wouldn't send him to Rochdale.
  • Fair enough mate. I am strange.
  • Easy enough to get tickets for Valencia game when I was there a couple of years ago.
    Doesnt mean you will be able to see the game though. It was 80 euros to sit at the very top of the stadium.

    Went Hard Rock Cafe and watched the game there instead
  • Most games dont sell out and you can get tickets on line. Waiting until you get there and buying tickets from tourist information type booths looked far more expensive. Was there in April, Barca were away so bought tickets online for Espanyol 40,000 capacity so easy to get them. You can choose your block. Main ultras are in the central blocks at the opposite end from the away fans. We had good tickets in a side block that were 40 euros. Ground is 10 minute walk from last stop on one of the metro lines, but is only 20 mins from the centre of town
  • Fair enough mate. I am strange.

  • Just come back from a short break to Barcelona where, unfortunately, time prevented me visiting the Nou Camp for a tour. (OK, it was actually my wife and daughter who prevented me). But did buy a "genuine" Barcelona polo shirt from one of the many tourist shops. Confuses the hell out of people when I am wearing it as they presumably think I'm Spanish (although don't look it!) and then open my mouth and start talking to them in a broad London accent!
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