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Anyone know a decent honest value restorer, our mini needs attention


  • hahahah quality
  • Razil
    There's a firm called Lepsons in the Medway area that seem to have built up a pretty good reputation on motoring forums. They have a web site at if you want to have a browse. I've not used them myself though.
    You are right to be cautious there are some horror stories out there, particularly for the mobile services that are advertised.
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    Where abouts are you?

    Spit and polish are pretty good in Tonbridge.

    Failing that I work for an Alloy wheel company.
  • You could give these a try if your local. They are not one of the mobile franchises.

    Rimtec Wheel Refurbishers
  • Welling..
  • Are there any places in Kent that will just buy your old alloys off you to restore and sell? Got some Toora's sitting in the shed from my yoot that cost me £600.
  • Revive Alloys. Mobile service that cover your area, so nice and convenient.
    07871 951698
  • @rylo have you used them? Recommending?
  • @razil I've sent you a PM mate.
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