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  • Dennis Wise likes throwing money away, maybe he could be interested?
  • He could turn it into a golf course....
  • Prime development land next door to the now abandoned Kent CCC 'second' ground .. I'll take it
  • He could turn it into a golf course....

    Good idea! Maybe get some other footballers interested due to his high standing in the game. This is a man who took Millwall to a cup final lets not forget.
  • So we could buy that and kick them out when their lease expires in 2018, nice.
  • Bloody good return if you get it at £2m - more than 10% per year when banks are quibbling over 2-3%... PLUS the cadevat that if you get planning permission for development, you can kick them out at any time... Murray, you want it, don't you? ;-)
  • another post on the CP training ground
  • I'd build the biggest sainsburys known to man
  • Don't be ridiculous, there's a huge Sainsburys less than a mile away at Bell Green!!!
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