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Live your (Charlton) Life to the Full !

Other than the odd postcard from StubleyAddick from Band Camp, or Henry Irving phoning with the latest on his boot sale exploits, the summer months can be lonely here at CL Towers.

Fortunately, we have a crack team on site from the Slade Green travelling community building fresh wings to CL Towers. Though we are dubious they will pass any safety certificate outside of the Philippines, we are determined to fill them with fresh faces for the forthcoming season.

So this is my annual plea post to say if you have any interest in getting further involved with CL outside of just posting or reading, please send me an inbox.

This is a community site, designed to provide a platform for Charlton-related output. It relies on the people who contribute to it. We are working hard behind the scenes to give the site the makeover it has needed for a while, but there is only so much we can do ourselves.

So if you are interested (either regularly or as a one off) in writing articles, previews, reports, stats, video, podcasts, maintaining a blog, organising competitions, compiling quizzes etc etc etc, or have any potential ideas for output, content or new features, please give me an Inbox or mail me at [email protected]


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