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The-man-with-the-10-stone-testicles-wesley-warrens-story - Tonight 9pm Channel 4



  • Not going to watch it because it's a load of bollocks :-)
  • Just out of interest, has he got 10 testicles made of stone, or 2 testicles weighing 5 stone each?
  • Looks like he's got a bag full of testicles to me. Shouldn't laugh poor bloke, so I'm not.
  • New balls. Shit, wrong thread.
  • why can't he have them removed?
  • would you want your balls removed?
  • Salad said:

    why can't he have them removed?

    I believe he's in the USA & doesn't have medical insurance to cover it.
  • Reminds me of the old sea shanty....... "Do your balls hang low"

    Do your balls hang low? Do they swing to and fro?
    Can you tie 'em in a knot? Can you tie 'em in a bow?
    Do they chime like a gong when you pull upon your dong?
    Can you do the double shuffle when your balls hang low?
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  • How do you weigh them?
  • How do you weigh them?

    Carefully :-)

  • would you want your balls removed?

    if they weighed 1 stone, let alone 10 stone then hell yes .... replace them with a couple of lychees!

  • Blimey. Poor poor man. At least it all ended well. Successfully removed.
  • Night of eye watering round here tonight.The missus watching 'long lost family' upstairs........
    Mine started when I saw the programme title on Ch4

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    the bit where the two surgeons done a 'cheers' with his testicals when they found them was quite funny.

    bloody clever though how they managed to sort that out, what a relief for the fella that must have been when he first walked around after!
  • Says in the papers he's been left with a 1 inch todger, sounds like 1 cut too many. Yikees.
    Can't watch shows like that, just too weird.
  • Space hopper
  • the operation was very graphic.....made me gulp my wine faster.
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  • I was stuck in a very intense Fifa session and missed out on this, anyone know if it will be online?
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    'As he wheeled his wheelbarrow'....

    Had to feel sorry for this guy, it's not something you can easily hide, is it?
    Very graphic details of the op, and had to laugh too when the surgeons cheered on finding his tackle.
    Glad it turned out well in the end.

    PS wonder if he's tried it out yet :-)

    Edit* Curiously, no pun intended here, but he reminded me in build and looks of 'Peanuts, tanner a bag', the legend who sold peanuts on the terraces in the late 60's.
  • .

    A real life Buster Gonad

  • DeeBee said:

    I was stuck in a very intense Fifa session and missed out on this, anyone know if it will be online?
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    i just can't believe it took so long to find someone, who was willing to do it for free? you'd think anyone seeing the distress of this poor guy, that they'd all be willing to do the right thing?

    so a huge cheer for the guy who finally did, even if it was for voyuerism.
  • It was really graphic, half way through the surgery a family member commented that it looked a bit like a baked potato the way they had cut the sack open, I was a little bit sick in my mouth. Glad the fella is ok now.
  • Excuse the pun but this looks like a load of channel 4 bollox. Can't believe that the fella would survive a day with nuts that size.
  • His nuts weren't that size, just his ball bag which kept on growing. It was bizarre when the surgeons finally cut their way through to his cock n balls which had been enveloped. He was a pretty sad character although he had two amazing friends who cared for him through all that and he managed to keep a positive outlook in spite of his affliction.
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