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The Few

For anyone in the area this Friday, 28th June, a memorial stone is being unveiled to Flight Lieutenant Richard Carew Reynell, of 43 Squadron RAF who died on 7th September 1940 when his Hurricane was shot down over Blackheath at around 5pm on the first day of the Blitz. Richard's Hurricane exploded into three pieces and he was blown from his cockpit without having the chance to open his parachute. His body fell near The Point on Blackheath and his memorial is being unveiled in Point Hill Park at 1pm this Friday. The ceremony is open to the public and has been organised by the Shoreham Aircraft Museum, so any Lifers who can make it would be welcome to honour this member of 'The Few' who died nearly 73 years ago helping to defend our local area.

The link to the Shoreham Aircraft Museum can be found here and if the Admin don't mind a shameless plug, I wrote a piece about Dickie Reynell in my blog a year or so ago, which tells a little more of his story.


  • Can recommend the shoreham museum to anyone who's not been there. Great little museum with a lot of local interest. My cousin helps out there a lot and there's often signing events with old ww2 pilots.
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