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Tekky advice re iPad please for a beginner/idiot grade


We spend a lot of time away in our caravan ( heard all the jokes already!). Our lap top is bulky and a bit heavy and we use wifi on the campsites but found that the range and quality of wifi to be of very variable quality. We take photos, high quality large size ones and lots of them. At present I transfer photos to a small portable external hard drive. As we don't watch TV whilst away, the winter evenings can be tedious so we carry all our birding and photoshop learning manuals and magazines with us but they weigh quite a lot. We want to buy an iPad so that we can download our photography magazines and our bird watching sounds/photos etc. etc.

Do we need a 64 GB or will 32GB suffice plus has anyone used the Airport Extreme, if so, is it any good please? Many thanks for any help you may be able to give, we really don't understand this stuff so be gentle with us!


  • I think a 32gb will be fine to be honest. I'm probably the opposite to you in terms of tv shows and movies on mine and always have plenty on there. If you don't use a lot of apps, you'll have even more space.

    To be on the safe side - just take a look at the file sizes of various things on your laptop and add it all together to see how close to 32GB it comes to.

    Not used the Airport Extreme.
  • As above the 32 should do fine. I just got one for my daughter and think ill struggle to fill it with endless re-runs of barbie and peppa pig.
    If wifi is your preferred then I'd avoid the ipad with a sim as its £100 you need not spend

    If you have sky in your house the you can use their broadband too I think. Get yourself some storage on The Cloud somewhere and anything you don't need at a specific time can be stored on there
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