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Nuts, Bolts & Spanners

Hi all. Just wanted to share my latest project with you all. A brand new series featuring our loveable friends.

Using a new type of animation software and still getting to grips with it, so be gentle with me.

Sorry the quality isn't quite as good as it should be, had problems with my rendering software, but will have this sorted for the next episode.

NSFW (or young kids)


  • Looks good and funny! But I just get creeped out by computer voices, loving the charlton connections Thoe
  • Sorry, but...

  • Where's the charlton?
    Nigels and bloody spanners.
    Get back to Chrissie and the boardroom please ;-)
  • good stuff .. like the spooky music and voices
  • Haha the sex scene at 25:00
  • Watched a few minutes, bored. Fast forwarded it a couple of times & it seems very poor I'm afraid.
    Previous ones were excellent, but not this. Sorry.

    PS I may be wrong as I couldn't be bothered to watch 30+ mins worth.
    edited July 2013
  • The police escort was funny but overall very strange.
  • Yeah, was a bit random. It started as an accident, just playing about with new program, getting used to it, and was just made up on the fly.

    I see this really as an introduction to the chracters.

    The story will become more prominent in future episodes.
  • Goes well with blue cheese :-)
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