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Morris Dancing.

So, currently sitting in Christchurch having a cuppa. It's a dance festival and in the middle of the square are about 20 women of a certain age morris dancing.

So, the question it a harmless, centuries old, pecularly English activity that brings a little bit of happiness to everyone or a outdated, cringeworthy practice that, along with other forms of folk dancing, should be crushed with an iron fist or at the very least kept behind closed doors between consenting adults?


  • Love Morris Dancers meself, no English fete is complete without them and a Donkey Derby!
  • BIG_ROB said:

    Love Morris Dancers meself, no English fete is complete without them and a Donkey Derby!

    Don't forget 'Wack-A-Rat' for the kids.
  • Oh blimey, there's a bloke belly dancing now...have some self respect mate.
  • Can't imagine the thought process, "I think I'll become a Morris Dancer".
  • Any Would'Ya's?
  • limeygent said:

    Can't imagine the thought process, "I think I'll become a Morris Dancer".

    A good afternoon's drinking with a bit of fun thrown in.

  • Check out the Blackheath Morris Men, who were in the Olympic Closing ceremony and are clearly an amusing collection of gentlemen.
  • My dad was a morris dancer back when he was my age, been going to places like bampton pretty much every year when i was a kid.

    Great bit of britishness i think, definitely hope it will be around for many years after i leave this earth. Anyone who thinks it should be crushed are just miserable cretins that can't stand anyone enjoying anything else they don't enjoy.
  • Harmless fun - doesn't float my boat. Normally try to avoid places where Morris Dancers could congregate, however I do like real ale and they tend to like that (in industrial quantities) too!
  • Any Would'Ya's?

    Among the Morris dancers? Definitely not, however the instructor for the Zumba demonstration that my missus dragged me along to, hubba, hubba, hubba...

    Couldn't work out if the bloke in the belly dancing troop was playing a blinder in getting himself involved in a group of women (some of them quite young and fit so) or was just a bit of an attention seeker.

    Not hurting anyone though is he I suppose.

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  • should check out some of the Dorset mummers one winter, if you don't know it's a traditional Dorset yuletide celebration. Back in the day the farm workers would dress up in costumes and travel around the farms, inns and manor houses re-enacting St George and the slaying of the dragon while getting slowly plastered on cider. A tradition which still lives on.
  • I think its supposed to be a fertility dance , but sounds like a good excuse for a beer up. :-0
  • Can't stand Morris dancers, I feel the same about them as a lot of people do about clowns, snakes, spiders etc
  • Sir Thomas Beecham is reputed to have said: "You should try everything once, except incest and Morris dancing."
  • Ah let them crack on, can't imagine it'll exist in a couple of generations
  • Drinking real ale out of leather tankards. Bit of a knees up and whacking sticks together in a dance that's not as ancient as you would think but agree its a harmless pastime. Not my thing apart from the ale bit.

  • It's not really my cup of tea, but I know people who belong to the Cornish Wreckers - morris with an edge or "anarcho-punk morris", as they call it.

    They are a matey bunch who practice each week - and then spend most Saturday's throughout the summer going to different events and festivals, doing their thing.

    Afterwards lots of bonhomie, ale drinking and singsong, and a good time had by all.

    Crush it ?....... perhaps you're the type who'd rather stay at home and watch Eastenders?

  • Never liked Morris dancing. I kept falling off the bonnet.
  • See plenty down here, no harm in it but not into it myself.
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