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10 and a half things you never knew about.......St Mirren

1. St Mirren's first shirt sponsor was Graham's Buses.

2. St Mirren's previous ground was called Love St as it was the home of the town's red light district

3. The Saints biggest rivals are Greenock Morton. St Mirren is a suburb of Greenock but is sometimes nicknamed Paisley after the famous fabric that was once manufactured there.

4. St Mirren's most famous fan is Prince. His Paisley Park song was written about his love for St Mirren

5. Famous people from St Mirren include John Wayne, David Tennent and Eddie Firmani's mum

6. Ronald Reagan's maternal great-great-grandparents, Claude Wilson and Margaret Downey, were married at Paisley High Church on 23 May 1807 and were instrumental in setting up St Mirren Cricket Club which then lead to the formation of the Football Club.

7. St Mirren has the biggest Rastafarian population outside of London and Kingston, JA.


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    8. St Mirren was named after the saint of the same name who is the patron saint of stud spanners, to this day no player who has played for the club has lost a stud during a game.

  • 4. St Mirren's most famous fan is Prince. His Paisley Park song was written about his love for St Mirren

    9. The second most famous fan is Helen who changed her second name because of her love of the town.

  • 10. St Mirren was originally founded as a gentlemens club by Peter Stringfellows, and as homage to "womens reproductive organs" played in the colours of Chrystal Palarse scarlet and blue stripes.
  • The name St Mirren came about after a senior member of the Royal Navy often took his female subordinates to home games at the Pailsley ground in the early years. The locals thought he was a 'saint' to do this. The Admiral used to refer to the ladies as 'My Wrens'. The local dialect interpreted this as 'Mirens' and the name caught on as St Mirren for the team in much the same way as Haddock became the Addicks nickname.
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    Helen Mirren is possibly Britain's greatest ever actress. Her brother Steve also had designs on being thespian and it is said that he could produce a wonderful array of facial expressions. Unfortunately, on his first day at RADA, nerves got the better of him and when he was asked his name prior to his preliminary audition all he could do was stammer, "St... St... St...". His class mates mercilessly ribbed him about this so he ran away to Scotland to start a football team. That team is known as Morton Athletic and they are St Mirren's greatest rivals.
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