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Happy Birthday


65 today. I'm sure there's a few on here who can remember having one as a kid.

Wonder if he gets his freedom pass today?


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    Fantastic , loved him , even named our cat Sooty , didn't he have a thing going for Sue or was it Sweep, i can't remember.
  • Not sure, being of a tender age then I couldn't quite work out the chemistry between them all. Only know that Harry Corbett made a fortune out of a glove puppet firing a water pistol into his right ear.

  • Never had a sooty always thought sticking my hand up a bears arse a bit of a put off.
  • Ramsbottom was my favourite. Aye lad
  • bc_addick said:

    Ramsbottom was my favourite. Aye lad

    Oh well, each to their own :-)
  • Squeek!!!
  • Loved it when I was growing up. It was during with Matthew Corbett when I was growing up.
  • as far as I remember he was a bad tempered little bear at times when he didn't get his own way.

    hasn't aged a bit though.

    Happy Birthday.
  • was a good kids programme I hated sweep
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  • was a good kids programme I hated sweep

    Sweep was a prize c***. Needed filling in.
  • Sweep was ledge
  • Sweep would've owned the both of you.
  • Macronate said:

    Sweep would've owned the both of you.

    He's the sort of puppet that if you fronted him up he wouldn't say a word. Not like that Sue - typical trappy bird!
  • He was never the same after doing that Christmas special with Jimmy Saville in 1984. Good luck to him though and Happy Birthday.
  • Sweep was the definition of proper 'Wall, always mouthy until he got into any real trouble.
  • Sweep flooded the house and Corbett had to have water with his cornflakes. Sweep never gave two f***s. Epic episode.
  • Fucking Hell!

    How long did it take for this thread to descend into dissing Sweep.
    For Christs sake people, it's Sooty's birthday today, are you going to spoil it for him with this sniping at sweep???

    Disappointed of New Eltham.
  • racists
  • Surpised no one has not done a Would Ya for Soo though. Proper naughty and well worth getting your hands/fingers on/in...

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  • i'd be careful what you say about Sweep, he became a bit of a mean mother when the work dried up. he found that he wasn't getting recognised out in public as much and once famously came to blows with Oliver Reed at a Dymchurch boozer.

    this is the last known sighting of him in public:

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