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Kids school holidays and heat wave thread for ideas on how to keep kids happy

Well it certainly is refreshing to be able to get the kids outside during the summer hols

if anyone finds some good cheapish day trips out post them here as well as handy hints when staying home to keep the little monkeys entertained ??

the one thing that I have noticed is a distinct lack of paddling pools available in the shops

we have reverted to getting the Intex pool 10ft Rd by 3 ft high we bought years ago adding the chemicals putting the filter pump on and losing a large part of the garden for as long as this weather lasts

anyone else got their pool out this year
but feck me its cold getting in


  • paddling pools definitely in short supply, people buying them up left right and centre, we've got a fairly big paddling pool and it's been out a few weeks now, kids absolutely love it - can't get them out of it
  • Avery Truman in Eltham had a delivery of paddling pools this morning and they'll be ready to purchase from 3pm.
  • I had to go to Bexley to get the cleaning stuff so the pool could stay up

    if anyone fancies a larger than normal pool they had a good selection up there and not too dear tbh its Bexley garden centre they have a pool section at the rear to the left

    they had a wicked pool that you could buy for 12k I wish I had a spare 12k to spend
  • Hope you didnt have to much trouble getting that 10 footer on the back of the scooter nla.
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    it was in the loft mate I rode over to get the chemicals though not a bad run enfield to Bexley on the scooter managed to do it through town and out to Bexley without getting lost
  • Im going to my pals house tomorrow who has her very own pool in the garden. Cant flipping wait.
  • green with envy B

    says something though that my little pool sat in the loft for the last few yrs as it hardly seemed worth putting it up for a day or so but seeing as it was hot on st swithams (Spelling) that we should have the same weather for 40 days if the old wives tale is to be believed
  • Curb_It said:

    Im going to my pals house tomorrow who has her very own pool in the garden. Cant flipping wait.

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    urggghhh whats with the warts
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    I wouldn't pay too much attention to this heatwave, it's gonna snow next week
  • I used to rig up the hose pipe on a pole with the garden sprinkler on the end, bit like an outdoor shower. Kids played in it for hours and kept them cool.

  • Curb_It said:

    Im going to my pals house tomorrow who has her very own pool in the garden. Cant flipping wait.

    Can you post some pictures on monday ?
  • This goes up every year for the school holidays. With a filter and pump and regular chemical treatments it works a treat. The addition of a heater makes it comfortable regardless of the weather. This heatwave will keep the cost of heating it down.
    012.JPG 145.6K
  • how big is that one Del looks like hours of fun in there
  • I think it is about 15' x 10' oval and about 4' deep. Great fun for kids and adults. Our grandchildren have learnt to swim using this pool.
  • mate its a pucka job that very envious
  • how do you heat it
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    A small electric pool heater connected between the pump and the pool. Takes a couple of days to make a real difference in cool weather but I will get it to 28 degrees or so quite easily. Not cheap to heat it but I reckon its worth it. Lots of examples of Bestway pools on YouTube.
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  • Me and the missus said last night thank fcuk we aint got to put the pool up, now thekids too old, too much hassle with all the chemicals etc. Next time I do it will be for the grand kids
  • just checked them theres some great bits on there, reckon in the winter I will get a rectangle one while they are cheaper
  • Similar to the ones I been looking at out here Del pal, I was planning on sticking a decking round it. Not sure if it'd work though...
  • There was one in Bexley Garden Centre Rob it was a normal Bestway frame pool with decking all round it and a decking top for when its not in use
  • I don't think they would survive too long if left outdoors over the winter. We empty ours at the end of the summer, dry it thoroughly before storing indoors. I reckon if we get 5 years out of it we have done well. It kills the lawn but we tuck it away at the top of the garden with the kid's swings and playhouse and it keeps the kids quiet for ages.
  • Nice one fellas, need to do a bit more research on the ones here
  • Just stick an X-box controller in the kids hands and just enjoy the pool with the missus ;o)
  • When I was a kid ( in the 70s ) we used to have water fights in the garden, all day long!
  • When I was a kid ( in the 70s ) we used to have water fights in the garden, all day long!

    Yeah, my neighbours kids challenged me to a water fight last week, but by the time I'd boiled me kettle up, they'd gone! Ffs
  • where the f is the sun
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