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Canada Addicks

some advice please.i might be going to toronto with the mrs for a long weekend and just wanted to know whether it will be worth it.i don't know the first thing about the city just the cn tower and niagara falls isn't too far.

should i go there or try a different destination?


  • Toronto is one of the best cities that I've ever been to. I would have no hesitation in recommending that destination. I stayed at the Eaton Centre Marriott and it was central for almost everything. Eating, drinking, sight-seeing and shopping.

    Hope that helps
  • Been there a few times and absolutely love it.

    If you go, make sure you catch a hockey game at Air Canada centre. Shame that you can't go to the old Maple Leaf Gardens (now THAT was an experience) but you have to see a Maple Leafs game when you are there - its one of the sporting experiences of a lifetime.

    Toronto itself is beautiful - clean, friendly and the food/drink is second to none in Canada.

    You'll love it!
  • seems a long way for a long weekend...
  • [cite]Posted By: AFKA Bartram[/cite]seems a long way for a long weekend...

    can just get a very good deal at the moment,and it's about the same distance as new york.

    thanks for the help leroy and mcmoist,i will definitely be booking now.
  • lots to do, up around Little Italy is especially nice....a trip over to the island is also good as well - i love T-Dot, great city

    not sure on the weather though - i have the week off & it hasn't stopped snowing since Friday !!
  • Toronto's nice. When are you coming?

    I'm a few hours north, but you never know, I may be in town that weekend for a few pints. ;-) Nonetheless, if you like sushi, you have to go to Sushi Island on College St. Best ever. Other than that, there are thousands of places to eat.

    Queen St. West for the missus' boutiques and some decent places to eat. Yorkdale for mall shopping. CN Tower for siteseeing (not me tho, scared of heights). Never been to the island, but supposed to be nice. Maybe not this time of year tho.

    The Marriot on Bay (Eaton Centre) is nice and the Courtyard Marriot (a few blocks north) may be a little cheaper.
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