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Players Marks - League Cup: Huddersfield v Charlton

For those brave Lifers in the 159 at the John Smith's. Just copy and paste the list:


Cort n/a
Kermorgant n/a
Green n/a


  • I would have given very different marks if this game had finished after 45 mins.

    Hamer 5.5 - Very shaky and low on confidence. At fault for more than one goal.
    Morrison 6.5 - Thought he did ok. Missed a free header at the end to equalise but looked assured on the ball.
    Dervite 6 - Good first half, wanted ball to feet and dribbled out of defence.
    Wood 6 - As with all of the defence, comfortable first half but caught out in the second.
    Evina 6 - Horribly exposed at times but probably more a feature of Huddersfield figuring out how to play against us. Love his kung-fu style clearances.
    Jackson 7 - Good to have him back. Good first half but faded in the second.
    Stephens 7.5 - Calm and quality on the ball. Would have got an 8 if he had matched his first half performance.
    Pritchard 7.5 - All action. I thought he had a good game and battled well.
    Wilson 6 Started really well and should have scored early on. Then went anonymous as Huddersfield doubled up down the flanks.
    Sordell 7 - A very exciting/frustrating player. Saw both sides of him tonight. Stupid tackle and lucky not to be sent off but then flashes of brilliance.
    Pigott 7 - Worked hard and got an assist for the second goal. Good effort but not convinced he is ready yet.
  • Hamer - 5.5 at fault for first goal (wasn't protecting the near post)
    Morrison - 6
    Devite - 6 comfortable on the ball
    Wood - 6
    Evina - 6 faded in second half
    Jackson - 6
    Stephens - 6 faded in second half
    Pritchard - 6.5 plenty of energy centre of midfield his best position
    Wilson - 6
    Sordell - 6 took his goal well
    Pigott - 6.5 for a big guy excellent ball control

    An excellent team performance, should consider themselves unlucky to have lost

    Green and Kermogrant came on to LATE to make a difference
  • Well done for going lads...looks like and i have said numerous times Hamer is a league one keeper
  • Well done for going lads...looks like and i have said numerous times Hamer is a league one keeper

    You might get pilloried on here by some for saying that. It might not be spotted here though but sadly I think you are right. He has certainly made some great saves and kept us in many games - but has also made some bad/silly mistakes, doesn't seem to 'boss' his area and doesn't seem to know when to come off his line. Think his apparent lapses in concentration have cost us more points than he's saved...

  • Hamer - 6 Easy to focus on mitake for first goal but did make other good saves
    Morrison - 7 Thought he played well, just wish that header had gone in!
    Dervite - 7 Played well throughout
    Wood - 6 As above, good first half but lost legs in second
    evina - 6 Outstanding first half, disappeared in second
    Jackson - 7 played captains role
    Stephens - 7 Good all round game
    Pritchard - 8 Played really well thoughout, always wanted the ball
    Wilson - 6
    Sordell - 6 Took goal well but trying to take everyone one on when pass was on is a tad worrying
    Pigott 6.5 Impressive performance - can only get better (10yr old daughters MOM!)
  • i don't think Hamer has improved in the last year at all and if anything has gone backward
    long range shots going in more regularly
    maybe it's down to the coaching or hes having a long bad run
    possibly unsighted and didnt see it till late the first one v hudders because there was a defender in the way
    but of late, like most of em at the back, he has been pony

  • Hamer - 6 - Should have done better with the first goal but did everything else pretty much OK.
    Morrison - 7 - A better performance of late from Morro and got into the box on a couple of occasions but had one shot blocked and headed another over.
    Devite - 6 - No frills performance from Dorian but got turned too easily at times.
    Wood - 8 - Our best defender on the night. Calm and assured and always looks good when bringing it out of defence. Subbed in the second half for some reason, injured?
    Evina - 7 - Thought the 3-5-2 suited him as he got forward quite a bit. Provided the cross which led to the second goal.
    Jackson - 6 - Showed some good fight in the first half but faded in the second but good to see him last the 90 minutes.
    Stephens - 7 - A better performance from Dale and his goal gave him confidence.
    Pritchard - 7 - Typical energetic performance from Bradley.
    Wilson - 6 - Got stuck in in midfield but often his final pass let him down. One good shot in the first half which was dealt with well by Smithies.
    Sordell - 6 - Took his goal well but frustrated at times. Could easily have been sent off but escaped with a yellow. Had a chance in injury time to shoot in the box but tried to set up Green instead and the chance was lost. Headed straight down the tunnel at the end without clapping the fans.
    Pigott - 7 - Gave everything he had and never gave the Huddersfield defenders a moments rest.
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