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I-Pod Sync / file find help....

Anyone know the answer to this ?

My old Dell laptop (99gb) has managed my I-pad and I-pod's iTunes perfectly well for years, Syncs fine etc. Of the 99gb capacity it was up to about 70.

My son got an I-pod touch in November which we 'registered' onto the laptop at the time to get him an iTunes account etc. In the mean time we had not Synced it at all. Did so last night and it seems he was at about 30gb so laptop starting saying it was full but Sunc seemed to be working.

Now laptop is at 99.9% full so it has clearly taken on all the crap he had on his iPod but I can not find any of it on the laptop (photos and videos or the 64! Apps) - his music, which is minimal, does appear in iTunes though.

So files are in there somewhere as they have taken up the space but not in any format I recognise or can find.

Any ideas ?


  • Can you use Explorer to search for the name of a file that he knows would be there, then when you've found one check the file path to see of there's more stuff in the same file?
  • Have you tried showing hidden files? Not sure how you would do it on yours but on mine you just go to options then view then somewhere in a long list it says show hidden files which you have to tick. Or I think there is an option to show hidden files when you do a file search. Don't ask me why they are hidden but I had a similar problem before with my iPod files.
  • Probably your easiest way would be to do a search on Windows Explorer for all files on your computer that have been updated in the last week, that should show you where it's put them.
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