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valley express - millwall

does anyone know where i can find the pick up times for this saturdays game. ive had a look on the cafc website, however i cant seem to find anything?


  • Its usually the same amount of time before kick off. For example if kick off is at 3 and you normal pick up is 1230 then Saturday will be 2 and a half hours before kick off.
  • Get to your pick up point 3 hours earlier than for a 3pm KO and you will have 15 minutes to spare when you get there.
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    It says on the ticket if you have that. Pick up from Ashford is normally 12:30 for a 3pm game and is 9:45 this weekend, so however early you normally have to leave take that time from 12:15, or try calling the commercial centre to be sure, hopefully everyone remembers this is a 12:15 kick off and not the normal 12:45.
  • E-mail - Dhiran Jayasundera ([email protected]) with your pick up point and he will advise of times.
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