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"Americas Cup"

How does this work then - USA team captained by an Aussie and including Ben Ainslie ?


  • Just like our cricket team
  • Hardly
  • PL54 said:


  • Is it that time already ?

    Ben A sailed for GB last year at the Olympics, I imagine he will sail for GB some time quite soon. My question is how does the competition work so that he can sail for USA in the mean time ?

    Semi sensible answers pls.
  • Ok - I'll behave - maybe it's just an American yacht - not team USA - anybody can get involved if asked??
  • I am guessing here, but I would assume that maybe whilst the team is based in the US, the individual members can come from anywhere? On a side note, I think I read somewhere a little while ago that he wants to start his own team and challenge for the Americas Cup under his own name.
  • he isn't sailing for USA, he was bought in as a technical expert, the boats are representing and paid for by particular countries (or wealthy individuals in those countries), but can be crewed by anyone, always have been.
  • Just found this on wikipedia:

    "For the 2003 event, Team New Zealand as the holder of the America's Cup, in consultation with Prada, the Challenger of Record, removed the nationality rule that stipulated that all of the crew members must be nationals of the challenging syndicate."
  • Is it like having an English football team that has French and Welsh strikers?
  • Why would you even pretend sailing is a sport worthy of comment !
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  • Does make me laugh that it's seen as some sporting success. They just chucked a load of money at a losing team until it became a winning team. It's like suggesting Abramovic is some kind of sporting mastermind. In a previous job the company became obsessed with winning the Whitbread. In the end they just bought the previous winners and equipped them with better gear and pissed it. Generated almost zero publicity in this market, although I suppose it's the sort of thing Chairman and CEOs might be in to so from a corporate sponsorship perspective it makes for some nice days out.
  • I've quite enjoyed the little I have seen on TV. I have no idea what the crews are doing running from boom to boom all the time. Is this just for tacking?
    It's interesting how catamaran boats are the lightest and fastest. The sail technology is fascinating as a difference in angle to the wind of a degree or so can make the difference between losing and winning.
    Ainslie is reportedly just a genius when it comes to sailing. I doubt he's on the same money as a Bale or a Rooney.
    It is probably no more extravagant a sport than F1 which is very popular of course. Wind power is certainly more environmentally friendly than burning huge amounts of high grade petrol & rubber every couple of weeks
  • I did a couple of seasons racing on a 40' Beneteau and it is absolutely exhilarating, particularly the start. There are plenty of websites looking for crew, or you just turn up at a marina like Hamble on the night before a race and blag yourself a place on a boat. There are also crewing courses at lots of colleges. After race parties can be the "dogs".
  • I heard that the American boat was from New Zealand?

  • 8-1 down, wins 9-8. Well done Ben. One of the greatest British sportsmen of all time.

  • 8-1 down, wins 9-8. Well done Ben. One of the greatest British sportsmen of all time.

    I find it hard to view sailing a boat as a sport. Might be fun to do but who cares!

  • American TV is beside themselves lauding their new world champions. Have to laugh.
  • PL54 said:

    How does this work then - USA team captained by an Aussie and including Ben Ainslie ?

    And the Team USA manager was a Kiwi!

    About the only american involved is seemingly the guy who owns the boat.

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    I'm assuming Ainslie isnt paticipating in Olympics this year?
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  • All welcome for the real deal next year. Plenty of room at Lookie's place!
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